MR ELIZABETH BELLE 400 holds the distinction of being one of the pioneering Brahmans to be successfully cloned. She is a clone of the esteemed JDH 454, a daughter of JDH Dakota 599 and JDH Lady Manso 251 (251 being JDH Atlas's dam). Our 400 Cow has an impressive lineage with nearly 100 offspring. Her descendants consistently inherit and transmit her exceptional genetics. Her remarkable attributes, including her remarkable depth of body, straight top line, excellent disposition, and effortless fleshing ability, command admiration. Within her pedigree, you will find five Register of Renown animals, three of which have been honored with the Maternal Performance Sire award. Notably, MR ELIZABETH BELLE 400 holds the coveted position as the number one ranked Gray Brahman Dam in terms of progeny production. It is important to mention that she is a clone of the eleventh ranked female, JDH 454/1, in terms of progeny production. The legacy of MR ELIZABETH BELLE 400 and her genetic contributions continue to shape the Brahman breed, making her an exemplary asset for anyone seeking to improve and strengthen their herd.       

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